In 1992 Our factory, which was established. started to create a preliminary knowledge for the energy sector by doing aluminum and metal works in its own workshop.


In 1997 By manufacturing the first aluminum solar collector. we stepped into the renewable energy sector, which is the sector of the world and the future.


In 2001 We ve expanded our product range with new products and systems for local and general needs and reached more customers.


In 2004 While expanding our customer network by giving dealerships throughout Turkey, we started to make breakthroughs in the field of export by reaching foreign customers.


In 2008 By zooming in export, we carried out studies that introduced our quality to the world, together with our product range.


In 2011, We provided hot water to thousands of residences and public buildings with our efforts to meet the demands of domestic institutions.


In 2013, We started to lay the first foundation stones of the facility established today in Mersin Industrial Zone in order to meet our continuously developing production and production capacity expected from us.


In 2014, We put our factory, which we are still using, into operation, established on an area of 11,500 m².


In 2015, We’ ve reached a production capacity of 160 solar collectors per day in different sizes and varieties, and 80 boilers production capacity in our boiler production line, with ultrasonic welding technology in semi and fully automatic production line.


In 2021, we continue to offer high-efficiency solar collectors, enameled boilers, solar energy package systems, original solar energy equipment to the world market with our own brand and as an OEM, with a quarter-century of knowledge and experience, which still have ongoing national and international quality certificates.