Quality Service and Confidence

We have been serving
"Quality and Confidence" in each product,
we have been manufacturing since 1992

We set out with the idea of making the world a more livable place with passion and dedication, and we have come today by constantly renewing and improving ourselves on this target. As Şimşek, we have always considered it our duty to maintain the sense of quality service and trust in all our products that we have produced and assembled since 1992, and we have made great efforts to increase the use of solar energy in our country and in the world by realizing many investments in our sector and we have managed.

  • We ve been manufacturing more economical and durable systems so that solar energy can be used in every building.
  • Solar energy systems are no longer a luxury but a necessity.
  • We will always work harder to leave a better future for our children.

Quality Management

We meet your needs at the highest level by carrying out all control stages in detail from the raw material entry to the final shipment point of our quality system.

Continuous Development Policy

We continue to look to the future with more confidence by constantly improving our services with the support of our customers and solution partners. We always update ourselves and our production process.

All around the World

We are proud of the delivery of our products to all over Turkey and all around the world, and also proud of running trouble-free for many years.

A Global Awareness

We ve been living in
an age where nature cries
and resources are exhausted for almost mid of 20.century

We believe that we need a global awareness and enlightenment.

That's why we firmly believe that solar energy is the most environmental, economical and efficient solution in hot water production systems and the only absolute solution for a better future. Due to our mission, we are constantly improving our factory and production, and we continue to produce more economical and durable systems so that solar energy can be used in every building.

Our values that make us Şimşek

Our Most Important Values That Make Us Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Vision

With the awareness of our social responsibilities, to shape the future positively for our solution partners and employees by creating awareness with continuous development and progress.

Corporate Goals

Superior Customer Satisfaction, Wide Product and Service Portfolio, Sustainable Organic Growth, Globalization

Our Values

Confidence, Quality, Innovation, Customer Orientation, Environmental Awareness , Professionalism, Supporting the Development of Employees, Teamwork

The Leading Company In The Field Of

Solar Water
Heating Systems